About Us

The Sahamitr Wire Way

Established in 1987, Sahamitr Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. main goal is to provide you with high quality semi-finished and finished copper wire products at a competitive pricing. At Sahamitr Wire, we continuously invest and develop our manufacturing processes with new technologies and techniques to improve upon our quality, capacity, lead time, customer service, and satisfaction. With many decades of experience, our team is always ready to build a trusted strategic partnership with you. We have the solutions to help you meet your wire design requirements.

We believe quality start from the beginning. So, we only source high quality copper and aluminum raw material to accurately draw to size and twist design that strictly follow the specification of our customers or international standard requirements (UL, JIS, IEC, and others).

Main Products:

  • Copper Rod

  • Bare Round Copper Wire (Solid & Stranded)

  • Bare Rectangular Copper Wire

  • Paper/Mica/Nomex/Kapton/Others Insulated Copper Wire (Rectangular/Round)

  • PVC Insulated Flexible Wire and Cable

  • Low Voltage Power and Control Cable (TIS)

  • Aluminum Rod

  • Bare Round Aluminum Wire (Solid & Stranded)

  • Welding Wire