Quality Standards 

Quality and Value Since 1987.

Quality Policy

The core of our foundation is built on the quality that you can trust. 

Sahamitr Wire is committed to continuously improving upon our production processes with latest and innovative technology while achieving the best customer satisfaction in terms of quality, service, and collaborative engagement with all stakeholders. 

Your Trusted Partner in Quality.

Here at Sahamitr Wire, we do not cut corner to provide you with quality products. From incoming raw materials to outgoing finished products, we have procedures in place and proper equipment to ensure that our products will meet the specification requirements. This includes multiple quality control checks at various in-process productions as a prevention and isolation tool against possible defectives. With careful and tedious inspections by our experienced teams of QC and QA, we aim to provide our customers with consistent and quality products. 

Our QA team is always ready for any quality concern you are facing. We listen, answer, and actively coordinate with you and the production team to resolve any quality issue within our production process in a timely manner.

Our Certificates